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Explico is an independent, Hungarian-owned governmental affairs and corporate diplomacy boutique specialising in trade promotion. We provide easy and effective solutions to wide-ranging policy and trade affairs. Explico is based in Budapest, our mission is to help our clients in their growth in Hungary and the Central and Eastern European region through valuable information and in-depth analysis of existing regulatory regimes, giving updates and early warnings of proposed changes and providing strategic, regulatory, public policy, PR and governmental affairs advice.

Our expertise is based on an in-depth knowledge of the institutions and regulatory environment of relevant jurisdictions. Such expertise, combined with the experience of over 10 qualified public policy experts and lawyers, equips us to deal with a wide range of complex issues. Explico has a diverse international team comprised of Slovakian, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian and British staff members. Our language capabilities include all Central and Eastern European languages, in addition to English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

We are engaged in representing organisations, explaining their policies, providing supporting statistical and factual information, and arguing issues that could impact an organisation’s ability to operate successfully. We also assist clients in communicating their priorities to public stakeholders and governmental institutions in order to effectively manage any legislative, regulatory and compliance matters. In short, we help our clients to understand their environment and be compliant with it and we also help them to be understood in it.

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Companies can often feel lost in a political labyrinth, often felt particularly strongly by foreign companies doing business. We at Explico understand their problems and their challenges. The success of Explico has been our understanding that regulations can be more complicated that they seem, furthermore the government is more bureaucratic and challenging in CEE than in most of the other European countries. Foreign businesses often feel at the mercy of regulators and policy makers.

Explico is equipped with a staff of over 10 of qualified lawyers, senior ex-government officials and diplomats with a combined 60+ years of professional experience. Explico has been engaged in corporate diplomacy for almost five years. Explico represents companies in front of governments, authorities, government agencies and the public, advocating on their behalf and providing governmental affairs and regulatory advice. Our mission is to help clients in their growth in the region through valuable information and in-depth analysis of existing regulatory regimes, giving updates and early warnings of proposed changes and providing regulatory, legal and governmental affairs advice, and compliance support.


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