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About us...

Explico is an independent public policy and outsourced diplomacy boutique with particular expertise in political risk management and trade promotion in the Central and Eastern European region (“CEE”) and the EU. Established in 2011, Explico’s name derives from our drive to explain the complexities of politics and regulation in this region to private and public sector entities with interests here. For our corporate clients, our mission is to help them understand, analyse and mitigate political risk in CEE by providing valuable information and in-depth analyses of the evolving political environment. For our foreign government clients, our mission is to help them to enhance their diplomatic, political, economic, and cultural engagement by strengthening their countries’ bilateral relations through government-to-government, business-to-business, and people-to-people networks. We apply a fact-based approach and operate strictly transparently, in full compliance with the prevailing anti-corruption laws.

Our experts based in our Budapest headquarters, Brussels, and throughout CEE draw on their experience in the fields of civil service, law, governmental affairs and corporate diplomacy to provide a range of strategic advisory services. All are experts who understand how the region’s complex history, relationship with the EU, and the rise of populist politics each affect the way the region’s national governments operate and how they interact with domestic and international interests. Some of these factors create challenges for businesses and foreign governments pursuing interests here; the regulatory environment can seem unpredictable, erratic, and lacking in transparency. On the other hand, our region’s population of 177 million increasingly sophisticated consumers represent a vibrant source of market growth for businesses primed to expand, and the challenges are manageable. We provide trusted, ethical, and professional services to help businesses recognize and mitigate political and regulatory risk, allowing them to capitalise on the opportunities afforded by accessing our region’s markets and citizens.

Our mastery of EU and CEE political networks, as well as our skillset in public policy, regulatory affairs, and communication, further combined with our legal and trade promotion capabilities, makes Explico a good match for those seeking to optimise the EU’s and CEE’s business and trade opportunities.

Our clients...

Corporate clients

Multinational companies operating in this part of the world often feel they are at the mercy of regulators and legislators. A lack of institutionalised consultation proceedings with external stakeholders in law-making procedures, less stringent investment protection rules compared to Western Europe or the U.S., recurring anti-capitalist sentiments, government activism, and more prevalent populist attitudes together create heightened political risk for economic operators here compared to more developed markets. Businesses seeking to grow in the CEE require responses to such risk that are locally tailored while corresponding to the expectations of a multinational company. We are able to translate local CEE challenges to the language spoken in global board rooms and help our clients to analyse and mitigate the effect of political risk on their CEE operations. Many of our clients are Fortune 500 companies with a commercial interest in the CEE or which seek to use their CEE regional presence as leverage in pursuing public policy aims in Brussels.

Foreign governments

Many countries’ foreign affairs ministries, especially outside Europe, lack the resources and local knowledge to maintain an effective presence in every CEE country. Often an embassy in Berlin or Vienna is tasked with maintaining a government’s ties with each of up to 12 CEE countries – without local language skills, cultural knowledge, or political understanding. We help our foreign government clients to enhance their diplomatic, political, economic, and cultural engagement by strengthening their countries’ bilateral relations through government-to-government, business-to-business and people-to-people networks.

Our services...

Corporate clients

By providing tailor-made strategic advice, we help our corporate clients understand and manage political, regulatory and policy risk in the CEE and EU – our expertise in identifying, analysing, and mitigating such risks ensures that our clients’ businesses can focus on sustainable profit and growth.

We do this by working closely with our clients to understand their goals, needs, priorities and interests and then provide the support needed to realise them. We provide a range of analytic tools and services to help our clients achieve long-term growth, including:

  • Bespoke briefings providing sector- and country-specific legislative and policy updates, including early warnings of emerging risk factors
  • In-depth assessments of political risks and other circumstances affecting our clients’ operations
  • Strategic advice in mitigating the identified political risks, including support in executive coaching, organisational development and crisis management
  • Assistance in designing and executing responsive tactics to the risks identified, deploying customised strategies in stakeholder communication, consensus-building among industry peers, public relations and government affairs management
  • Analysis of CEE regional leverage for addressing political risk deriving from the European policy environment, with special regard to the opportunities provided by the Visegrad Cooperation.

We apply a process-driven approach to our client work, evolved over nearly a decade of experience.  Using our unique service methodology, for each engagement we design a pre-defined scope, step plan and set of deliverables that render it easy to keep track of developments and evaluate the results.

Foreign governments

Our outsourced diplomacy services for foreign governments may include:

  • Monitoring political and business developments, events, and news across multiple global jurisdictions
  • Delivering intricate political (and industry) insights, risk assessment, and analyses
  • Organizing events, seminars and business forums
  • Promoting trade relations
  • Mapping key decision and policy makers and other stakeholders
  • Profile raising
  • Arranging high-level meetings and producing preparatory materials for such meetings
  • Providing PR, public policy and strategic governmental affairs advice
  • Producing presentation materials on political, legal and regulatory developments
  • Legislative watch services
  • Match-making between countries’ key industry in-bound and out-bound investors and target companies and providing transaction support services
  • Early notification of upcoming new laws, regulations and potential political changes

We regularly interact on our government clients’ behalf with government ministries and major authorities on both working and political levels, including meetings with serving ministers, serving MEPs and MPs, state secretaries and various heads of government agencies, as well as political advisors, opinion leaders, and journalists. In doing so, we operate to the highest professional standards with respect to confidentiality, governance accountability, and transparency both with our government clients and on their behalf.

Our team...

Explico has a diverse international team comprised of Slovakian, Polish, Romanian, Croatian, Hungarian, British and U.S. staff members located in Brussels, at our Budapest headquarters, and in other CEE capitals. Our language capabilities include all CEE languages, in addition to English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Our CEE capabilities paired with our Brussels presence and close cooperation with some of the most prominent public policy firms in Brussels gives us access to an extensive global network of public policy advisors, enabling us to take on pan-European assignments.

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